Edward W. Claxton

Edward W. Claxton

My name is being used by fraudulent persons. They are sending demand letters concerning various matters. They are falsely asserting that I am a member of a Toronto Law Firm. I am retired for active practice. DO NOT respond to these fraudulent demands. DO NOT reply to any e-mails from them. They are using various different e-mail addresses that mimic my address. edward@claxton.ca is my proper e-mail. Do not be taken in by the made up e-mails.

Edward Claxton closed his legal practice on January 4th, 2012. I am not be taking on new clients. Edward Claxton will be available to current clients by appointment only. Edward Claxton will assist former clients in obtaining representation. Edward Claxton will act for former clients on a limited retainer for advice only. Notary Public services and Commissioner for Oaths services will be provided by appointment only.

Notary and Commissioner of Oaths

Notary services and Commissioner of Oaths services will be provided by appointment only.

Phone +1 519 998 8616
Mail 147 Margaret Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 4B8

Lawyers are required by the Rules of Professional Conduct to verify the identity of clients. Please be sure to bring photo identification when attending for an appointment.